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I want to report a Cheater / Hacker / Suspicious Activity
Posted by Brandon Marsh, Last modified by Brandon Marsh on 09 November 2016 03:00 PM

It's unfortunate that players choose to use cheat programs, modded APKs or other exploits, but there is little we can do to stop them at the moment. As long as we have the option for offline play, it leaves the game venerable to be exploited - this is not unique to Creative Mobile games, but to mobile games in general. From the Creative Mobile perspective, cheaters are bad for business and bad for the community. Hacking our game with the purpose of breaking the barrier of using real money for in game purchases is a violation of Access rights.

One of the reasons Nitro Nation is completely Online is so that we can store player's progress, purchases and cars, etc. securely on our servers. It also helps us keep cheaters from exploiting the game.

If you are aware of a cheater, hacker or an exploit that has compromised one of our games, please report it to our Support Team with the following details:

  • Player ID
  • Dates of activity
  • Methods of which a cheat / hack / exploit can be reproduced
  • Screenshots or Video
  • Any further details or evidence that will help our QA team investigate your information.
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