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Knowledgebase: Drag Racing Classic
I did not receive my RP or cash after defeating the boss
Posted by Brandon Marsh, Last modified by Brandon Marsh on 06 September 2016 03:47 PM

The main cause of the issue is that the players do not wait until the winnings are transferred to their account. This issue is actually reproducible on any level, not only in the Boss races. On the “race result“ screen, the amount of winnings ($ and RP) is visible as animated/running numbers as soon as the “race result” screen appears.

The winnings will not be transferred to a player’s account until this animation of “running” numbers is ended (the whole number is shown). If the winnings consist of cash and RP, and the cash number animation is ended, but the RP number animation is not ready, the cash will not be transferred until the RP animation has ended too.

Therefore, the cash and RP will be transferred only after all the animation has ended. However, if the user exits the “race result” screen before the winnings are transferred, as a result the cash and RP will not be transferred to his/her account at all.

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