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Knowledgebase: Drag Racing Classic
Drag Racing Player Tips
Posted by Brandon Marsh, Last modified by Brandon Marsh on 06 September 2016 03:44 PM

Updating the game


Your cars and money are saved on your device. DO NOT EVER uninstall the game before updating, or you will lose ALL of your stuff.



  • Launch and shift when the dashboard indicator turns blue or green.
  • If there is too much wheelspin, you are not going anywhere – watch the orange indicator on your dashboard.
  • Once you learn how to drive properly, ignore the lights and find your own winning strategy.
  • Nitrous is more effective on underpowered cars with lots of grip. Timing is crucial!

Cars and upgrades

  • Test drive before you buy a car!
  • The more your car costs, the tougher opposition you’ll face both offline and online.
  • Upgrades count towards an increasing car cost/level, while tuning doesn’t.
  • Keep your car cost just under your level cap to get an advantage.
  • Adjusting gear ratios (Garage -> Upgrade -> Tune) is costly, but lets you achieve times that are impossible on stock settings.

Game modes and winnings

  • Race against beginner/amateur AI to get some quick cash and build your car.
  • Defeat bosses and unlock achievements for extra RP.
  • Go online and race against others to earn maximum cash/RP.
  • If your car isn’t ready for online races, earn some cash in “Drivers Battle”.
  • For the ultimate challenge, race against top players in Pro League.


  • Try playing with vibration on (enable it in the “Settings” menu)!
  • If the game runs slow on your phone, use the task manager to kill unnecessary background tasks, or reboot the device.
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