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Knowledgebase: Clash of the Damned
What are the rules of the Clan Tournament?
Posted by Brandon Marsh, Last modified by Brandon Marsh on 09 July 2015 02:21 PM

Any Clan can participate in the Tournament, no matter how many members it has, what's their average level or when the clan has been created. The tournament starts each week on Monday @ 0:00 GMT and concludes on Sunday @ 23:59 GMT.

Every time you win Glory Points (GP) in the Arena, your Clan receives a proportional amount of Tournament Points. But when you lose Glory Points, your Clan doesn't lose Tournament Points.

Note that Tournament Points are only added when you win a fight that you have started. If you were defending and scored some Glory Points, they won't be converted into Tournament Points.

At the end of the Tournament, the members of the Top 25 Clans in the Tournament Scoreboard receive week-long boosts to their stats (AT, DF, DX) in accordance with their position:

1st +30%
2nd +25%
3rd +20%
4-5th +15%
6-10th +10%
11-25th +5%
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