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Knowledgebase: Nitro Nation Online
How do Team Tournaments Work?
Posted by Brandon Marsh on 28 May 2015 05:26 PM

Tournaments run on a 5 day cycle, featuring a selection of of race events. Each event runs for 3 days and each day consists of 10 races. Players must win 6 of the 10 races per day to advance.

Day 1 is the Qualifying round, you receive 3 points for winning a race and 1 point for losing.

Day 2 is the Tournament – you receive 6 points for a win and 2 for a loss.

Day 3 are the Finals – you will receive 10 points for a win and 3 for a loss
AND if you win all 10 races that day, you will receive a special prize depending on your team’s rank.

Bronze = 2 Star (Yellow) Blueprint
Silver = 2 Star (Yellow) Blueprint +  1x All Upgrade Kits
Gold = 3 Star (Black) Blueprint
Diamond = 3 Star (Black) Blueprint + 1x All Upgrade Kits
Black = 3 Star (Black) Blueprint x2

The ultimate prize is a single player achievement, you only need to get to Round 3 and win all 10 races there by yourself.

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