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Knowledgebase : Clash of the Damned

Knowledgebase: Clash of the Damned
To run our Drag Racing games on Windows or Apple computers, please install the Android app-player Bluestacks (available for XP, Vista, Win 7 and Mac) [http://www.bluestacks.com/].
Creative Mobile has a strict policy against foul language, abusive language or harassment of any kind. This is clearly outlined in our Terms of Use [http://creative-mobile.com/about-us/terms-of-use/]. Please contact our Support Team [https://support.creative-mobile.com/Tickets/Submit] with a screenshot of the offending text.
We recommend you try the following: * Check your Internet connection (it is better to use Wi-Fi Connection instead of 3/4/5G), to make sure it is not interrupted. * Clear the “cache memory” on your device. * Restart the phone (switch off/ switch on) and wait before opening your application. * Make sure you have got the latest update avail...
Sure! feel free to drop us a line on Facebook [https://www.facebook.com/ClashOfTheDamned] or via Support Ticket [https://support.creative-mobile.com/Tickets/Submit]  We'd be happy to hear from you or help you out!
You can find the following scrolls in the Misc section of the Shop to change your character: * Scroll of Renaming: change your game name. * Scroll of Rebirth: re-assign your stats. * Scroll of Metamorphosis: change your gender, outfit and colors. It is not possible to change your race at the moment.
Clash of the Damned is all about fairplay. We spare no effort in maintaining the most reliable anti-cheating system and it works great. Any meddling with the game data and / or time on your device will cause an automatic ban: you will not be able to play online and your campaign progress will not be saved. Banned players are also removed from Clans...
Please note that once you remove your character, it is deleted for good and cannot be restored!
First, please check the offer's details and make sure you have completed all its requirements. Some of them require more than just downloading / launching an app: you may need to register or subscribe. Please also bear in mind that some offer providers need more time than others to update their records and unlock your reward. Unfortunately, becau...
If you want to deal more damage, consider some of the following options: * Find a better weapon and upgrade it * Insert Magic Crystals into your Weapon or Armor * Upon level up, put more skill points into Attack (AT) and Dexterity (DX)
To gain more Health points, consider some of the following: * Buy or win Armor with better DF and VT parameters * Improve your Armor with Magic Crystals * Upon level up, put more skill points into Defense (DF) and Vitality (VT)
If you have encountered a very powerful enemy in story mode and cannot advance any further, consider winning a few battles in Online Arena to gain a level or two. If you lose too often in Online Arena, try completing a handful of missions in story mode to get more experience and gold to upgrade your character.
During the battle, the character who has more Dexterity (DX) points will have a higher chance to perform multiple strikes, block or evade your hits altogether. Try investing more skill points into DX to balance your character properly.
You can forge Magic Crystals into Weapons and Armors to improve them. Each crystal can give one of two different abilities depending on whether it was put into Weapon or Armor: * Inserting a crystal into Weapon gives it some special ability: poison, life steal, chance to freeze or disarm. * Put in a piece of Armor, Crystal improves some of yo...
Items with two slots are unique and can only be won in Gladiator Tournaments. In the future releases, more unique items will be available in special events and clan battles.
Perks are special and magic abilities, helping you to take down your opponent in a fight. You can activate them in the battle after collecting a certain amount of energy. Energy is collected by performing quick time events (taps and swipes). Once you've filled up enough energy bars, you will see available Perks' icons on the left side of the scre...
The best way to gain more Gold is to win Online battles in the Arena or defeating all opponents in your Daily Battle tournament. If you don't have enough Gold to buy a new Weapon, consider upgrading your existing one to increase your overall damage.
Glory is the the main basis upon which your status is decided. You gain Glory Points by winning Online battles and lose them when defeated. Keep an eye on your Glory rating: * The more GP you've got, the higher is your rank in Leaderboards * Your online opponents are matched based both on your level and Glory
Being a Clan Member allows you to participate in the Clan Tournament and win week-long Boosts to your stats! Besides that, you can compete with other Clans in the Clan Leaderboard. In the future, we will add more clan-related features and events.
Any Clan can participate in the Tournament, no matter how many members it has, what's their average level or when the clan has been created. The tournament starts each week on Monday @ 0:00 GMT and concludes on Sunday @ 23:59 GMT. Every time you win Glory Points (GP) in the Arena, your Clan receives a proportional amount of Tournament Points. But...
Your clan's Glory points is a sum of Glory points of all its members. Same goes for Tournament points. Note that Tournament Points are only added when you win a fight that you initiated. If you were defending and scored some Glory Points, they won't be converted into Tournament Points.
You start by collecting ingredients. Once you finish Act 3, each land you capture will begin to produce one unique ingredient. Check your kingdom map from time to time to harvest the crops. Next, you need to learn potion recipes. You will get a couple of free recipes to begin with, and you can always find more of them in the Shop. Learning a new ...
If you ever find yourself needing more ingredients than your lands produce, you can Raid your opponents' lands and get their resources.
The most powerful potions require the ingredient that is not produced by any land: Blood. After finishing Act 8, your successful Raids will sometimes reward you with Blood in addition to the main ingredient you scored. It is the only way to get this rare commodity, so use it wisely!
Follow these simple steps: 1. Launch the Clash of the Damned 2. Click on the scales icon on the left side of the main screen 3. On the right side of the screen, you will see a list of Potions. Choose the scroll labelled Renaming 4. Click on the Buy button (it costs 20 gems to change your character name)