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Knowledgebase : Nitro Nation Online

Knowledgebase: Nitro Nation Online
The Nitro Nation Mechanic helps to create new blueprints, upgrade and redraw existing blueprints. With the latest version of the game (5.5) the wild card is activated with the Mechanic.
Using other players accounts or racing for them is forbidden and leads to a Permanent Ban. Players be warned, sharing your password or giving away your account is at your own risk!
Having multiple accounts is permitted.  Using other players accounts and racing for them is not.  See also Is it allowed to use other players accounts and race for them? [https://support.creative-mobile.com/Knowledgebase/Article/View/177/6/is-it-allowed-to-use-other-players-accounts-and-racing-for-them]
Use of hotkey keyboards is discouraged but not forbidden.
Use of 3rd party programs, clickers, etc. is forbidden and leads to Permanent Ban.
In order to tie your account to your e-mail, please follow the next steps: * Choose the Garage tab * Tap the Profile tab * Choose 'Change Profile' * and 'Edit' the profile you want to attach to * Tap the E-mail section enter and confirm your e-mail The message with a confirmation link will be sent to the e-mail address you have entered...
RC are Racing Clubs and the RC points that you win in RC races can be seen only on the result screen after any RC race. The more RC points you win, the higher your rating is in your club. The top club gets an additional bonus 100% of their points, the 2nd place club gets 50%, 3rd place club gets 25%. If your team has finished 4th - then you will...
Upgrades are unlocked while you progress in the game. Complete career stages and special events offered by the Promoter to collect blueprints and kits for unique upgrades. For more details on how upgrades work, please have a look at this Nitro Nation Upgrade Tutorial [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oGOH5unrJEQ] video.
Creative Mobile has a strict policy against foul language, abusive language or harassment of any kind. This is clearly outlined in our Terms of Use [http://creative-mobile.com/about-us/terms-of-use/]. Please contact our Support Team [https://support.creative-mobile.com/Tickets/Submit] with a screenshot of the offending text.
We recommend you try the following: * Check your Internet connection (it is better to use Wi-Fi Connection instead of 3/4/5G), to make sure it is not interrupted. * Clear the “cache memory” on your device. * Restart the phone (switch off/ switch on) and wait before opening your application. * Make sure you have got the latest update avail...
GEAR/COG IS A CAR RATING, it is calculated automatically each time you buy an upgrade for your car. STAR(S) IS A PLAYER RATING. If you win against good racer you gain more rating points rather than winning over weaker opponent. Star Rating used in Multiplayer Race. There are 13 stages of Player Rating, each is represented by stars and their col...
Your car has an air intake mod that helps to more cool the engine more effectively. Many professional street racers use that. 
There are several ways to get Nitro Nation tokens: * Increase your game balance. You will find more information on the right top of the screen (“+” sign) * Players can sell Blueprints in the Market for Gold tokens.  Only blueprints/cards that have been won and HAVE NOT been installed on the car can be sold in the market for gold. After a blu...
OS: Android 2.3/ iOS 7 CPU:  Dual or Quad-core Internal memory: 350 MB storage, More than 512 MB RAM Data: WiFi b/g/n
Without getting too heavy into math theory or engineering, we can simply say that the engine produces a certain amount of energy. Tuning represents the division or multiplication of this energy from the engine to the wheels, using gears. Light tuning unlocks the Final Drive Ratio in the 4th Race of the 4th Career (B1) mode, the Advanced version - ...
DR - Drag Racing NN / N2O - Nitro Nation - http://www.nitronation.com [http://www.nitronation.com/] 4×4 - Drag Racing 4×4 (SUV/Truck Edition) BIKES - Drag Racing: Bike Edition CM - Creative Mobile Games [http://www.creative-mobile.com/] DRF / DRFNET - Drag Racing Forum NNNET - NITRO NATION FORUM - http://www.nitronation.net [http://www.nitronation...
Players can use the Mechanic to trade in their car. Cars can be traded in exchange for money, random booster package or an upgrade kit for race class cars.
We recommend you go to the Settings- "Applications", find Nitro Nation - Force Stop/Uninstall (make sure you know your username & password)- Close the game & open it again.
To advance past your challenge, we recommend you trying a different set-up with your car and trying a different tune. Simple modifications can improve your time dramatically. You can find more support and advice on our community forums NitroNation.net [http://www.nitronation.net/]
At the moment it is possible to add decals, rims and paint only for Nitro Nation tokens. It is possible to earn upgrade tokens by competing in special event races.
In order to enter your in-game account, please download the game to your new device, open the application, choose the existing player and then type your log-in and password in.
Don't worry, all the data and progress is safe and secure! Your purchases are tied to your account, and we are willing to get to the bottom of every case to satisfy the customer. Before you submit a support request, please read our guidelines [http://www.nitronation.net/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=54] and give as many details as possible about the nature o...
In order to include any vehicle into the game, we must negotiate with their manufacturer or licensing agency. We have a long list of cars that are waiting to be added, and the car you'd like to see, is probably on that list.
Your account is safe you will get all your cars, money and progress back once you login with your credentials. Please contact our Support Team [https://support.creative-mobile.com/Tickets/Submit] and they will help to recover your account.
We apologize for the inconvenience you have experienced. Please open a ticket with our Support Team [https://support.creative-mobile.com/Tickets/Submit] with your profile name, order number or purchase receipt and we will take care of your purchase ASAP!
This feature has been removed from the game.
In the tuning section, select "Engine" or "Forced Induction". That's where you find the power and torque graph.
CAREER LEVEL (CAREER STAGE) Represents a racer's progress through the story based events in Nitro Nation. Your progress is represented by your license level: LEVEL LICENSE 1 C Street 2 B Street 3 B1 Street 4 A, A1 Street 5 D, C Race 6 B, B1 Race 7 A, A1, S Race 8 S1 Race ACHIEVEMENT L...
Team points are collected by winning or losing races in the team events. Team rating is calculated at the end of the event. Basis for calculation is: 1. Your final position in the table. 2. Levels of teams you outrun. 3. Levels of team you fall behind.
Team level works in the similar way as the player rank: win over other teams and get a position in the table. Rating points are calculated depending on team position, if your current rating points are enough, your team level goes up. If your team is positioned below a team with lower level, you will lose points to this team. Therefore, you really...
STREET RACE AND TOURNAMENTS generally opponents are chosen by pure random. At lower levels the system will replace opponents that are too hard for you. The more you grow in rank - less opponents will be replaced. When you reach diamond level, the system doesn't replace anyone, which means you can be competing against Single Diamond to Triple Diamon...
Tournaments run on a 5 day cycle, featuring a selection of of race events. Each event runs for 3 days and each day consists of 10 races. Players must win 6 of the 10 races per day to advance. Day 1 is the Qualifying round, you receive 3 points for winning a race and 1 point for losing. Day 2 is the Tournament - you receive 6 points for a win an...
Booster points gain equals the sum amount of Team points gained. It does not matter whether you win or not - the top 5 results go towards the purchase of booster points.
All slots that you buy are divided into 3 sections (you can see them on the left bottom corner): 1. blueprint card 2. redraw card 3. upgrade card. Please check your inventory.
The team ranked last does not receive money.
If no one buys an item, after 24 hours,  it goes back to the players  storage without any notifications or alerts. 
To run Nitro Nation on Windows computer, please visit the Windows Store [https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/store/p/nitro-nation/9nblggh2vc27] and download the game  Available for Win 10
Not to worry! Since the Nitro Nation Online 5.0 Update - your new Driver is borrowing it for a race - Tap the Racing Helmet icon on the Upper Left corner of the home screen.  Your car will be returned when the Driver is finished racing and brings you a reward.
Often a player will visually have won, but show as a loss (or vice versa.) This is a known issue, that happens when live players go out of sync with each other. 
Unfortunately the Nitro Nation Online 5.0 was the last update for the Amazon App platform. Your account is still safe on our server, if you wish to continue racing please consider switching to Google Play or using another supported platform or device.
We are aware about such cases and sincerely apologize for all inconveniences that you have encountered. Firstly please contact Tapjoy Support Team - you can do this from the game screen where the Tapjoy task list is located. Here you will find the guide: http://tapjoy.force.com/articles/Support_Website_FAQ_Article/How-do-I-Submit-a-Tapjoy-Suppo...