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Knowledgebase : Road Smash

Knowledgebase: Road Smash
To run our Drag Racing games on Windows or Apple computers, please install the Android app-player Bluestacks (available for XP, Vista, Win 7 and Mac) [http://www.bluestacks.com/].
Creative Mobile has a strict policy against foul language, abusive language or harassment of any kind. This is clearly outlined in our Terms of Use [http://creative-mobile.com/about-us/terms-of-use/]. Please contact our Support Team [https://support.creative-mobile.com/Tickets/Submit] with a screenshot of the offending text.
We recommend you try the following: * Check your Internet connection (it is better to use Wi-Fi Connection instead of 3/4/5G), to make sure it is not interrupted. * Clear the “cache memory” on your device. * Restart the phone (switch off/ switch on) and wait before opening your application. * Make sure you have got the latest update avail...
We regret to inform you that Creative Mobile has ceased support for Road Smash. Questions, Feedback and Support Requests can now be sent to rs@zillionwhales.zendesk.com