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Knowledgebase : ZooCraft

Knowledgebase: ZooCraft
Tap the backpack icon. Find the Seeds tab, select the seed you'd like to plant, and tap it. Once you confirm your choice, the plant location editor will pop up. Move the camera to select the best spot for your plant. Once you find the right spot, tap the green check icon. Indiana will plant the seed as long as he has enough energy!
Only one VIP membership can be active simultaneously. However, if you want to buy a different kind of VIP membership while already have one active, then there are two cases: If you buy a lower VIP membership than you already have, then this one will be activated after the current one expires. If you buy a higher VIP membership, then you have an add...
This is an easy way to get a lot of resources for a great price. When you activate the VIP club membership you start receiving rewards daily according to the period - 1 month, 6 months, 1 year. Rewards are not stacked, so visit the game regularly to collect your rewards.
The adventure is great as it is. And it is an opportunity to find the new unique animals, gather other valuable resources for your Zoo.
It is a place where you will experience different stories, explore beautiful lands, meet new characters, and travel on an exciting journies with the enchanting leopard Indiana Purres.
When you don't have any animal selected for the experiment, all animals arranged by rarity in the list at the bottom of the screen. When you select one animal for the experiment, this animal disappears from the bottom list. Other animals arrange in two groups. The first group are the animals that can be a pair for the experiment with the selected o...
You can change graphics quality of the game in the settings screen. Low settings will reduce resolution and number of animations but the game will run faster. Remember that the game should be relaunched for changes to take effect. On some devices the quality may automatically swith to Low settings on launch to run smoother but you can always change...
The "Undaunted Shmogwai" ship is a unique decoration of the "Arrival of a Pirate" event. Upgrading the ship costs Pirate Doubloons and there are 21 levels of upgrades total. The higher the "Undaunted Shmogwai" decoration gets, the more Beauty Points it gives to your zoo! Its appearance improves significantly each time too.
Once every 3 hours, you can play Sea Battle with Captain Morgan the Kid. Shoot the ships and get your reward, the first shot costs nothing and the rest require Zoo-tokens. Rewards could include Zoo-money, Zoo-tokens, Zoo-pearls, Zoo-rubies, Amazing elements, Pirate Doubloons and experience. After each shot you will be prompted to continue shooting ...
Pirate Doubloons are a unique resource which can be earned by playing the Sea Battle game. The Doubloons are only available while the Pirate event is active and the "Undaunted Shmogwai" ship isn't at the maximum level. Also, you can get them from the Curiosity Shop.
To transfer your game to a different device you should connect the game to a Facebook account on the current device. Then connect to the same Facebook account on the new device. Once you are connected on the new device, you will be prompted to choose between 'Continue Current Game' or 'Load Old Game'. Then choose the preferred progress. If there ar...
Sometimes a decoration, a habitat, a kiosk or any other building becomes dark and an icon with a broom appears above it. It means, that the building isn't functioning and it needs maintenance. Perform maintenance by several taps or swipes according to the type of the building to get the building operational again.
Amazing animals are extremely rare. You can get them at the Curiosity Shop or if you are really lucky - from a laboratory experiment. Amazing animals are better in every way: they bring more profit to the Box Office, their baby animals are cheaper to raise and they are worth more when selling. You also don't need them to get the final status, but t...
Your visitors' emotions and background color behind them on the feedback monitors represent their satisfaction level: Red - Sad, Orange - Bored, Yellow - Fine, Green - Awesome!
You can get status points by improving your zoo and by building objects and completing visitor quests to get a new status.
When you achieve a new Status, you get access to new buildings and upgrades.
Buildings needing maintenance aren't functioning. You need to perform maintenance to get the building operational again and get a reward.
Celebrities come to your zoo every 8 hours if the zoo is clean and fully maintained. You can get nice rewards like Zoo-rubies and Elements of Amazing animals by giving VIP tours to Celebrities.
You can get Zoo-rubies by: - Guiding common visitors and celebrities - Performing building maintenance - Completing regular tasks - You can also purchase Zoo-rubies at the Curiosity Shop
You can get Elements of Amazing animals by: - Helping to guide celebrities - Completing regular tasks - Purchasing missing Elements for Zoo-rubies, during Amazing animal combining at the Curiosity Shop
The Curiosity Shop is a special building, which unlocks at higher levels. It contains 2 tabs: "Curiosities" and "Animals". The Curiosities tab is intended for special goods such as Amazing animals, avatars, pirate coins, etc., which can be purchased for Zoo-rubies. In the Animals tab you can combine Elements you have collected to create Amazing ani...
The red point indicates that it's a new item (it appears on items which have been unlocked in the Shop for example.) The 'New' indicator disappears when you observe the new unlocked items or features.
There are seven degrees of animal rarity: B - Basic (gray) C - Common (green) U - Uncommon (blue) R - Rare (purple) E - Exotic (orange) M - Mythic (gold) A - Amazing (pearl) Basic animals may be bought in the shop. All the other animals should be unlocked by experimenting in the Laboratory.
A Zoo Status measures the progress of your Zoo. To achieve new Status you should fill the status bar on the status screen (that you can reach by tapping the medal in the upper left corner of the screen) by satisfying visitors’ needs or just building more stuff and settling animals. Visitors feedback and quests on the same screen will give you the l...
The main way to get new animals is by combining existing ones in laboratory experiments. There are a limited amount of basic animals available in the shop, which are unlocked depending on your level. There is also a single rare animal offer in the shop that refreshes each day (including the extremely rare Amazing animals!)
The "Arrival of a Pirate" event consists of several chapters, each chapter lasts for a few days. The next chapter will start a few days after the previous chapter is finished.
When you reach level 6 (check the purple star in the top menu), the Pirate will visit your zoo. Help him to build the unique "Undaunted Shmogwai" decoration and get other rewards.
Zoo Tokens are the Zoowners Association’s special currency. With Zoo Tokens you can speed up any process (construction, experimentation, etc.), expand your Zoo territory, and upgrade some of the office buildings (like Laboratory or Warehouse).
You can only water the Shell of Friendship if its owner requests it. If you want to ask your friends tap on your Shell of Friendship, then the 'Water Drop' button. There will be an 'Ask Friends' button on the opened panel.
The Quiz is questions about animals. They will appear several times during the day and each time you unlock new animal in the Laboratory. Also, you can increase the number quizzes by increasing your zoo beauty level.
You can find different road types under the Decorations tab of the shop. Just tap on the clear land tile to place the road, or on the road tile to sell it. Also, you can drag placed road tile to place several roads at a time.
Tap and hold on the building or decoration you want to move to enter relocation mode. Also, you can enter the relocation mode by pressing the button with four arrows at the building popup.
Pearls are a resource that is produced in the Shell of Friendship and can be additionally earned as a level up reward. You can buy decorations for pearls.
The goal of the game is to build the best Zoo. To accomplish this you need to: - Expand and clean up the territory of the Zoo - Build habitats and settle animals - Build kiosks and collect income - Upgrade kiosks and office buildings (box office, laboratory, etc.) - Perform genetic experiments with the animals in the Laboratory to make new species ...
You need to accumulate experience to level up. Experience is represented by the purple stars and is given for: - Guiding visitors - Collecting income from the kiosks and Box Office - Completing Experiments with animals in the Lab - Completing Quests - Performing Regular Tasks - Completing Quizzes - Selling baby animals to visitors
When you give a celebrity tour, you can point out as many sights as you can in a limited amount of time. The more sights you show, the bigger reward you get! More Zoo-rubies, Amazing elements, Zoo-money and experience.
Visit the Curiosity Shop to buy unique habitats for your animals. From the moment you get one, you can choose which habitat to use at any time, for the animal in the habitat menu. Habitats are only decorative and don't change your Box Office profit.
You can login to Facebook from the settings screen to save your progress online and use your ZooCraft account on different devices.
Once you reach level 5, you can enter the currency shop every 24 hours to get different bonuses like Zoo-tokens, Zoo-money, Zoo-pearls, Zoo-rubies and even Amazing fragments.
On the friends screen, tap the pencil button to open the customization pop-up. There you can tap the arrows to change your avatar or tap the name box to type a new zoo name.
Festival of Monsters Halloween event starts if you are at least level 5 until November 14. First, you need to place a Scarecrow provided by the Pumpkin King. Then monsters will start to appear each 8 hours in your and other player zoos. Note that monsters will appear only in zoos with Scarecrows. Tap monsters to collect them and fill the scare gaug...
After you get to the 4th stage of the Festival of Monsters event you will be able to catch an Imp. If you do building maintenance in zoos of other players 10 times an Imp will appear in your zoo. Catch it to get its elements and fill the scary gauge. If you do it regularly you will be able to get an Imp as an Amazing animal from the curiosity shop.
The flasks icons are there to help you identify the animals that you don't have in your zoo or don't have a couple of them. The number of flasks indicates the number of different animals that you can get from the experiment. There are three types of flasks icons: - An empty flask indicates that a particular experiment has never been run. - A half-f...
There is a special button that allows you to do just that. First of all, make sure that you don't have any experiment running in the laboratory. Then tap the habitat where you have a single animal settled. Then tap the "paw" button on the right side. You will see the button with a flask icon. Tap it to open the laboratory with two animals ready for...
It's simple. When you buy a sector with a cat, this cat becomes yours and moves to your Zoo.
These are special candies that hold special offers with big discounts. Just buy a sector with candy to receive the offer.
These bottles hold the pirate's treasure. Just buy a sector with a bottle to discover what's inside.
The event with the pirate is unique. If the pirate had come to your zoo and then left, it means that the event is finished. However, there is a chance that he will come back again, but only a few times during the whole game. Nevertheless, you can continue building of your ship for the pirate coins at any time. Buy them in the Curiosity Shop for rub...
If you see that your beauty points were not added, it is not the error. The quantity of beauty points is related to Zoo status and now it is overloaded. When you get more beauty points than your zoo status can achieve, they are hidden. You need to upgrade your Zoo status to show the real quantity of beauty points. To see your current zoo status...
This event lasts for 4 days. While it's active, collect runaway Zoo-eggs in your and other players’ zoos and exchange them for parts of the special decoration, the "Mad Tea party". The decoration produces eggshells, which can be combined into a special amazing animal. Also, don't forget to open Humpty Dumpty's holiday boxes, where you can find ...
The "Mad Tea Party" is a special decoration set for the Tea Party event. Buy its parts from Humpty Dumpty for Zoo-eggs. Once a day, the Tea Party decoration produces eggshells that you can get amazing animals for. The more decoration parts you’ve collected, the more eggshells you get each time!
Zoo-eggs are the Tea Party event's currency that you spend on parts of the special decoration set, "Mad Tea Party". You can get Zoo-eggs by gathering them in zoos or by purchasing event's holiday boxes.
Once a day, the "Mad Tea Party" decoration produces some eggshells. The more decoration parts you have, the more eggshells you get. Collect eggshells to combine them into a special Amazing animal.
During the Tea Party event you can buy holiday boxes from Humpty Dumpty and get Zoo-eggs, resources, decorations, and even special kiosks! Once a day, you get a free holiday box!
After you get all the parts of the "Mad Tea Party" decoration, you can go to Humpty Dumpty and exchange any remaining event's Zoo-eggs for any other resource.
This guy is Humpty Dumpty. Just buy a sector with him to start the special "Tea Party" event.
This is the resource for adventures. You need it to remove obstacles to gather resources. The energy refills over time, but the maximum capacity is limited. When the maximum is reached, the energy refill stops until you have less than the maximum again. So visit adventures regularly to spend the energy. Also, you can use Energy boosters from your B...
This is a rare resource to upgrade the habitats in your Zoo. You need to upgrade your habitats to increase the maximum capacity of the Energy to have even more adventures. Each habitat can be upgraded only once. To be upgraded a habitat must have at least two animals settled. And be careful, if you move the upgraded habitat or one of the animals ...
The leaves near the habitats have two forms. The transparent ones mean the habitat hasn't been upgraded with magic dust yet. The coloured ones mean the habitat is upgraded.
Upgrade habitats in the zoo with magic dust to boost your energy cap. You can also buy special boosters in the shop.
Tap the object you'd like to remove. The pop-up bubble will display the amount of energy you need to remove it. Tap the bubble, and Indiana will remove the obstacle as long as he has enough energy!
Dr. Zoey gives away the seeds of trees, palms, bushes, and flowers once every eight hours. When the timer reaches zero, tap the bubble above Dr. Zoey to obtain them.
Beauty level is the sum of all your decorations' beauty points. Your Zoo’s total Beauty Points are represented with the blue flower at the top of the screen. The Beauty points of decorations are shown in the shop, warehouse or decoration placement mode. When you reach a certain amount of beauty points, you receive bonuses like new visitors or a qui...
Here are the ways to get more Zoo-tokens: - Collect tokens from the Fountain (don't forget to increase it's level to collect more) - Complete Regular Tasks - Catch butterflies by visiting other players' zoo - Fulfill requests for baby animals - Get new levels and statuses - Also some quests have Zoo-token rewards - Finally you can purchase more Zoo...
You can ask all of your questions about ZooCraft at the Info Center building which is located near the Bus stop.
The Box Office provides profit every 4 hours depending on how many different animals and their babies live in your Zoo.
You need the Laboratory to create new animal species, apart from the basic animals. When starting a genetic experiment, you can select a result to be sure of what you get, but it will take more time. You will need to upgrade the Laboratory to be able to experiment with rarer animal species.
If you want a certain animal you can tap on one of the expected results in the Laboratory. It will increase the duration of the experiment but you will certainly get the selected animal.
Go to the Laboratory and select an animal of high rarity. If its rarity is too high compared to the Laboratory level, you will be prompted to upgrade it. Note that each upgrade level has its own status level requirement.
To upgrade your Warehouse; enter it, then the animal tab and press the purple button in the top of the screen. Please note that only the animal tab of the Warehouse has capacity, while the building tab is infinite.
Once a day the Fountain brings profits as Zoo Tokens, you just need to guide visitors to the Fountain.
The ability to expand your territory unlocks at the 5th level. To purchase an additional territory you need to tap on the FOR SALE sign and pay with Zoo-tokens.
You will constantly receive quests from your employees and the Zoowners. Quests from employees that called "Local quests" are easier and faster to complete. You can even reject them to get new ones by tapping the litter bin button. While the Zoowners quests are moving you towards the next Zoo Status and have much better rewards.
Some of your Zoo visitors can’t find animals or buildings they wanted to see. A bubble will appear over their heads with a road sign. Tap on the request and then tap on the location the visitor wants to see to guide them there. They will thank you with cash and experience.
Likes tell you how many other players like your zoo. Tap on the Bus Stop just outside of your zoo. But you will require an internet connection to see your latest rating.
When you are visiting other players Zoo you will see butterflies there. Tap on them to receive Zoo-money, experience and sometimes even Zoo-tokens. But remember that you can collect a limited amount of butterflies each day before they all fly away.
The Shell of Friendship is required to produce pearls. You need to ask your friends to water your shell or just do it yourself with Zoo-tokens. Sometimes your friends will request for water on their shells. If you are quick enough to water it before other friends, you will get some pearls in return. Don't forget to ask your friends to water your s...
In the Library you can see the full list of all locked and unlocked animals.
Habitats are the buildings to settle animals. Each next habitat will cost more to build.
You can sell animals and buildings either by pressing "Sell" button in the Warehouse or by pressing the $ button in the animal settle mode. Note that you cannot sell anything until you reach 4th level.
All animals settled in habitats will increase your Box Office income. Also, you need animals to reach new Zoo Statuses.
Once you have achieved a certain Zoo Status and have two adult animals in the same habitat you can raise a baby animal. Tap on the habitat, then tap on the pink paw button and follow the instructions to raise a baby animal in three stages. Some visitors will want to buy baby animals for Zoo-tokens and experience. Don't take too long in making a dec...
Kiosks are the buildings that generate profit in certain amounts of time depending on the type of kiosk. You can buy kiosks from the shop, upgrade them to increase profit or even turn them into Emporiums.
In order to make more profit, you’ll need to upgrade your kiosks. Tap on the kiosk and then on the purple UP arrow-button.
To build the Emporium you need: - Your Zoo should be 5th level status - 5 of the same types of kiosks that are 3rd level - At the upgrade panel of any of your Kiosk you can start the construction!
The Peruvian witch is using the Sanctuary to brew amazing magical things. Visit the Sanctuary while she is in the zoo to see if you can make something. In addition it's pretty and increases the beauty of your zoo.
Complete all stages of the Peruvian Guest event to receive cat visitors. The more you help her, the more cats you will get. If you didn't get all the cats in time, the witch will return some time after the event and let you buy them for pearls.
Increase your beauty level to unlock new visitor types and get more bonuses like more quizzes or an increase in guidance rewards.
Open the game settings screen by pressing the gear button. Your player name will be at the bottom of the screen.
On your device please go to Google Settings -> choose ADS -> Let us know your unique identifier.
You may play offline. But you won't be able to visit other players' zoos or buy more currency.
Please update your game to the latest version. Clear the cache memory on your device (Go to Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > Choose Application > Clear Cache) and restart the game. If it doesn't help, please, contact the developers.
The Oceanarium is for settling sea animals. Every aquatic species should be settled in their own reservoir. Settled sea animals will increase your Box Office income. Also, you need sea animals to reach new Zoo Statuses.
The very first sea species can be bought at the shop. The rest can be created in the Laboratory by experimenting with other animals. If the result of an experiment is a new sea animal, it can be assigned to an unoccupied reservoir or to the reservoir with a sea animal of the same species. You can buy additional reservoirs in the Oceanarium, each ne...
Once you have two adult sea animals settled in the same reservoir, you can raise a baby sea animal. Tap on the Oceanarium, find a reservoir with two adult sea animals and tap on the "Feed" button. Wait until the feeding bar is filled and the growing timer will start its countdown. When it expires, you will need to claim a new baby. Don't forget tha...
One day the Peruvian witch will visit your zoo. Help her to get unique decorations and cute kitten visitors.
You can get access to regular tasks in the Administration building, they refresh every 8 hours. Completing regular tasks is rewarded with cash, experience and Zoo-tokens. The salary for your regular tasks will increase depending on your Zoo Status.
The Friends screen unlocks at the 5th level (check the purple star in the top menu) and allows you to manage friends in the game. You can open the Friends screen by tapping the orange people icon in the bottom left corner of the screen or by tapping the bus stop outside your zoo. If you like to play ZooCraft with your friends, you can find them in ...
Tap the gear icon in the upper right corner of the screen to open the Settings menu. You can find your Player ID, game version, toggle sound and music, switch languages, etc. There are also links to our Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.