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Knowledgebase : ZooCraft

Knowledgebase: ZooCraft
To build the Emporium you need: -Your Zoo should reach 5th Status - 5 same types kiosks must be 3d level -At the upgrade panel of any of your Kiosk you can start the construction!
Tap and hold on the building or decoration you want to move to enter relocation mode. Also you can enter the relocation mode by pressing the button with four arrows at the building popup
Revenue per minute is equal to the value of sales of goods divided by the time of its sale. Maximum revenue per minute on the floor - all three of the goods offered for sale.To increase your record sales - achieve that on all floors were sales of all three products.
The goal of the game is to build the best Zoo. To accomplish this you need to: * Expand and clean up the territory of the Zoo * Build habitats and settle animals * Build kiosks and collect income * Upgrade kiosks and office buildings (box office, laboratory, etc.) * Perform genetic experiments with the animals in the Laboratory to make ...
Beauty level is the overall attractiveness of your zoo, every decoration (excluding small hedges) gives certain amount of Beauty points. The Beauty points are shown in the store, next to the decoration’s price. Also you can see it in relocation mode when relocating a decoration. Your Zoo’s total Beauty Points are represented as the blue flower and...
Zoo Tokens are the Zoowners Association’s special currency and the premium in-game currency available for purchase. With Zoo Tokens you can speed up any process in the game (the construction, experimentation, etc.), expand tyour Zoo territory, and get the best kiosks and decorations at the store.
You need to accumulate experience to level up. Experience is given for: * Completing Quests * Performing Daily Tasks * Collecting income from the kiosks and Box Office * Completing Experiments with animals in the Lab * Helping to guide visitors * SELLING BABY ANIMALS TO VISITORS
Your experience is represented by the purple star and progress bar in the upper left corner of the screen.
Daily Tasks are given on a daily basis, completing them is rewarded with cash, experience and Zoo Tokens. You can get access to them in the Administration building.
Zoo Status is a way to measure the progress of your Zoo. When a new Status is gained you get access to new office buildings and kiosks upgrades. You can check your current Status and the requirements for the next one by tapping on the medal in the upper left corner of the screen.
Tap the Gear icon in the upper right corner of the screen.
The Box Office provides profit every 4 hours depending on how many different animals and their babies live in your Zoo
You need the Laboratory to create new animal species, apart from the basic animals. You need to upgrade the Laboratory to be able to experiment with rarer animal species
These are animals that can be bought at the store: Beaver, Gopher, Turtle, Wolf and Pigeon
In order to get more profit you’ll need to upgrade your kiosks. Tap on the kiosk and then on the purple arrow-button "up".
The ability to expand your territory unlocks at certain zoo level. To purchase an additional territory you need to tap on the “For Sale” sign and pay with Zoo Tokens.
Once you have achieved a certain Zoo Status and have two adult animals in the same habitat. Tap on the habitat, then tap on the pink paw button and follow the instructions to raise a baby animal in three stages. Some visitors want to buy a baby animal. They will be waiting near the appropriate habitat for limited period of time. Completed orders ...
Some of your Zoo visitors can’t find animals or buildings they wanted to see. A bubble will appear over their heads with the animal or building they want to see. Tap on the request and then tap on the location to guide them there, they will thank you with cash and experience.
This was our most popular question, and we improved the Laboratory, now you can see what animal to expect!
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