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Knowledgebase : Pocket Tower

Knowledgebase: Pocket Tower
Stars are showing the average number of stars on all floors of the skyscraper.To the profile displayed 5 stars, you need to upgrade every floor to 5 stars.
Revenue per minute is equal to the value of sales of goods divided by the time of its sale. Maximum revenue per minute on the floor - all three of the goods offered for sale.To increase your record sales - achieve that on all floors were sales of all three products.
In the "Upgrades" you will find “Business" section, which allows you to buy a variety of boosters.Marketing allows you to temporarily increase the amount of revenue up to + 300%. PR similarly enhances the production experience.You can also acquire permanent improvement for each of the categories of floors: orange, purple, etc.
Each upgrade increases the revenue from a particular business by +5%. Can be improved to 200%
Every city has a municipal budget, which can replenish all the participants of the city. The city budget is needed for the development of the city. In order to add money to the city, you need to tap on a budget.
Available only to the mayor and vice-mayor. It allows you to make a small description of the city, such as its motto. Changing the name of the city costs 500 bucks. Additionally, you can write an ad for the townspeople.  
Functions "appointed", "out of town" are available in the character profile to the mayor and vice-mayor.
Level of the City depends on sum of Personal Experience of every citizen.
The "Invite to the city" option is available to the mayor, vice mayor and advisor
Mayor - performs administrative and organizational functions necessary to maintain the vitality of the city and, with the consent of his representatives, take the decisions necessary for the development of society. The vice-mayor - deputy, they serve in the absence of the mayor. Advisor - engaged in the reception and checking out of new citizens....
City - a voluntary community created on the basis of common interests. City - is primarily a team, communication, common goals. All participants increases Marketing and PR. You can only be invited to the city.
New employees can be delivered to the floor by the lift or hold the unemployed residents of the hotel (first floor). If the hotel is empty, then you can always find a new labor market. Labor exchange residents who are better than your current employees are marked with (+). You still have a "VIP-labor exchange", it is offered only workers with skill...
You can buy more space available to the hotel to collect skilled workers (high-skill) for not yet built or under construction floors. This will populate the new floors once happy employees and maximize your earnings! The hotel can be expandedat level 12 directly in the Hotel. Additional space can be purchased for 10 bux.
Unemployed residents are living in the Hotel
To speed up the process, different options are available: "purchase product for 1 bux" "deliver for *** bux" (shipping wholesale profitable) "to collect revenue for 1 bux" To access the options you need to click on the icon in the upper floors of the filter screen menu.
Stars are showing the average number of stars on all floors of the skyscraper.To the profile displayed 5 stars, you need to upgrade every floor to 5 stars.
With every floor upgrade, it increases the profit from the sale of each product, as well as increases the time of sale. Thus, in the unit of time you get more coins from the floor, and you can control the process frequently. The number of upgrades displayed as a star.
Every worker has the skill with a color and a number. Color determines the industry in which the employee is more effective, and recommends to the floor with what now it is better to arrange work. The skill number corresponds to a discount with which the product will be purchased on the floor with this employee. For example, in a candy store has th...
Happy residents - are the people who have a job that is relevant to their dream job. These happy residents collect double revenue(x2) from a position in which they work. Therefore, it is advantageous that all three positions on each floor is arranged with happy employees! Employees who have the skill color that matches the color of the floor, but a...
Tabs are displaying lists of residents, grouped by level of happiness (completely happy, not very happy and very unhappy). It is necessary to organize residents to a dream job, and they will be happy. If the Hotel is more than 10 rooms, a "evict all" button becomes available which automatically evicts workers with less skill 9.
At the top of the menu there is a button on a skyscraper "Residents". It shows a list of all your people.
VIP are very valuable visitors who could buy out time for all products, or instantly deliver the goods / build floor and so on. VIP's have a special icon in the elevator. VIP visitor coming to the hotel, fills the Hotel with new residents.
The visitor appears every 2 minutes. Can be delivered manually, or use the "deliver all for 1 bux." buttonNew visitors can be called for 1 or 2 bux. Visitors are: Buyer - accelerates the sale of goods by 5% of the current time. Courier - accelerates the purchase of goods by 5% from the current time. Builder - accelerates floor construction by 5%...
Every improvement increases lift speed, and gratuities in coins for each floor. Lift upgrade is available by clicking on the Hall. The maximum lift level is 7.
Lift is delivering new residents and visitors in your skyscraper. Visitors can shorten the delivery time and the sale of goods, or to speed up the construction of a new floor. Each delivered visitor leaves the coins as a tip. In rare cases, across the generous visitors pay bux.
Open i ticket via https://support.creative-mobile.com/ [https://support.creative-mobile.com/]
Coins can be earned by: * Speeding up the goods delivery * Deliver visitors in the elevator and collect tips * Increase profit by upgrading the Marketing and Technician
Buy Bux by clicking on the BUX icon at the bottom of the screen.
Bux are given for free by the visitors in the lift. The daily limit equals to the level of the character. Free Bux are awarded for completing quests. Extra Bux:after you get all your bux in the elevator, new visitors can still give you more, but the chance is much smaller.
In the profile, you can change your name, or write the information about yourselfThe first time its free of charge, each following times it costs 500 bux
Every day, you accomplish the quests and get a reward for them. Deadline is not limited. Repeat the job after receiving the award is available in 20 hours.
At the bottom of the screen, you can track your progress to the next level (orange band). The amount of experience is displayed in the player's profile, together with the contribution to the experience of the city.
The new level is given for experience gained in the procurement of goods, the collection of revenue and tips from visitors.
The goal - to build the highest skyscraper. To do this, you need to: * build new floors; arrange them new employees; * buy, sell products and collect revenue. * Currently, the maximum number of floors 51 * Develop your character, climb higher in the ranking of "The Best". * Meet, talk, find interesting friends in the In-Game chat ...